I start my Illustration with paper and pencil or an iPad pro and Apple pencil and Procreate. Sometimes I do one sketch, sometimes numerous. These sketches are occasionally Inked in.
The paper sketches are scanned at high rez and then taken into Illustrator to be redrawn with vector tools. I might choose to do some colour here, but if not they are coloured up in Photoshop. I colour, texture and replace the paper background with a different texture.

The Techie bit:
The final layered files are very high rez and 16bit. All the Illustrator work is left as smart objects in the psd file in case changes are needed to be done in Illustrator.

I use mechanical pencils – Rotring 800 as I like the weight. Paper is often watercolour or oil pastel stock with a heavy texture or anything I can get my hands on when inspiration strikes. I also draw on an iPad in Procreate with an Apple pencil.
Computers are Microsoft Surface Pro or a Mac with dual colour corrected Eizo screens.
Tablet is a Wacom Intuos

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CC
Sketchbook Pro
Cinema 4D

Drawing Zombies
Drawing Zombies




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